Friday, 2 July 2010

Unexpected reactions...

Blog from 5th May 2010
Each landmark in the challenge always gives me a boost and time to reflect, last week was no different being the 1/3 mark or 122 days (2nd May 2010).

This land mark had almost passed me by as I've been suffering with hay fever, making me congested and bunged up due to tree pollen.
And despite the planning, my hamstrings had really started to tighten up not making the running a problem only between each run I've had a constantly ache.
There's been no position or stretch that has relieved the constant all day ache, except when I'd start running again.

Having been so distracted with these two problems the 1/3 landmark might have gone unnoticed, but I'm grateful it didn't - the boost it brought couldn't been more timely time; its got me back into the frame of mind I need to continue the challenge.

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