Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Bite size chunks...

Blog from 10 April 2010

Like most years time seems to rush by and in many ways the New Year only seems like the other week. This year is no different except I've run everyday and as a result known exactly how long ago the New Year was.

March finished on Wednesday marking 90 consecutive days and 1/4 of this running challenge completed.
In this time I've had a number of ups and downs, external pressures and problems to overcome but I wouldn't be without them; if it was easy everyone would do it, if it was easy it wouldn't have or be of interest.

Like all big aims, goals and challenges, it can be overwhelming with the scale of it.  Personally I make little steps and bite sized chunks out of the challenge which helps me keep focused, staying the moment and not looking too far ahead.  So continuing the momentum on from last week and Lincoln's 10k, I've gained a new enthusiasm knowing how far I've come, the weathers ... getting better and there's a 1000km party (10th April) about the challenge to let my hair down at the Ramada; I've also lost 2 stone - personally feel fitter and mentally healthier from having about 60mins of personal time a day.

The challenge however doesn't stop at 60mins a day, trying to raise awareness and money for cancer research adds about 4 or 5 hours per week - something I hadn't thought would be so hard and time consuming.
The challenge is about completing the distance and then doing it the next day so I'm not bothered about time, however at times it's nice to put a quick run in. One of the aspects I really enjoy is running with different people and this week I ran with the Journals Photographer, Toby.  He's not run for a bit but we completed the distance and generally caught up, as we've been friends for years.

Please take the time to share the 10k-everyday idea and encouraging others to get involved - it's as good as donating. If you're on Face Book simply type “10k everyday” in the search bar.

You can find micro blogging of this challenge at:, &

Send a friend request with 10k-everyday in it and I'll accept. Be well, Tim

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