Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Soup for the soul...

Blog from 25 March 2010

This week I've been riding the atmosphere and experience of my first 10k race this year at Lincoln on Sunday 21st March, there was little the weather or anything else that could do to dampen my spirits.
There had been about 5000 people running in last Sundays event.  The spectators enthusiasm and encouragement poured on to all competitors, helping us find that little more in ourselves to give to the race.

I saw a few types of runners on the day, noticed there were different levels of "dressed for fun to raise money" such as Lincoln Imps, Cartoon Heros or Animation characters and others who "were on a mission" not always spotted by their facial expression but their determination was hard to miss as they barged past others or tried to protect their position!

In all honesty I found both types very entertaining and although I was running the 10k with them, it was hard work sticking to the pace and strategy I had planned for the challenge of running 10k-everyday. I couldn't afford too much lactic acid build up by exerting myself, but it was so easy to be pulled along with the race which was
noticeable as I finished quicker than planned.

The Lincoln 10k has given me a boost and I think there can be a lot said for running in a group, whether 2, 5 or 5000 - thanks to everyone who went it was a great day ... where's the next one.

Please take the time to share the 10k-everyday idea and encouraging others to get involved - it's as good as donating. If you're on Face Book simply type “10k everyday” in the search bar.

You can find micro blogging of this challenge at: &

Send a friend request with 10k-everyday in it and I'll accept. Be well, Tim

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