Saturday, 9 January 2010

A venture across country...

The 9th run of my challenge to run 10k everyday was at Belton Park, a National Trust location of a beautiful 240 acres.

Belton Park has a collection of meandering streams, idyllic ponds, long driveway leading to a stately home with an array of wildlife; all covered today in a blanket of snow.

The run was slow today due to the terrain but I was glad to have the company of Mark Gray, a long standing friend. The snow meant having to pick up our feet a little more than usual, but to be honest the run became secondary to the scenery & wildlife.

Thankful of the Garmin Forerunner405 that GPS'ed our run & informed us of our distance and progress, it was clear we had been distracted by our surroundings when the watch read 10.1km and we were 0.7km from our cars.

I'm loving the journey and challenge with moments and runs like today - but everyday day I love the subtle ache after exercise, the hot bath and the feeling of accomplishment.

That's it for now, todays run has been a real release from 5 days stuck on a treadmill. Tomorrow I'm considering running along the canal, with this snow it too should be beautiful.

Please take the time to share the 10k-everyday idea and encouraging others to get involved -its as good as donating. If you're on Face Book simply type “10k everyday” in the search bar.

You can find micro blogging of this challenge at:, &

Send a friend request with 10k-everyday in it and I'll accept.
Good luck will any goals or challenges you have planned. Be well, Tim


  1. This run sound extraordinary, Tim! Even more so after a week on the treadmill. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Tim, I have posted a link on Running Ahead for you to spread the word. Keep up the good work! Pip xx