Friday, 1 January 2010

The Start ... & a New Year

“...are you feeling really nervous right now as you're about to start on this giant challenge?” was the opening question from Jake the BBC TV Look North News Reporter, as we stood outside the hotel and starting point of 10k everyday.

The day had started like any other, except I'd got a little lie-in and the phone rang whilst I made the tea for both my wife & I; Penny was holding on to the night and fighting the light drifting through the curtains by hiding in bed waiting for her tea. She was going to have to wait for the tea though because BBC Radio Lincolnshire was on the phone wanting a live catch about my challenge & the first run. The time between 08:45, BBC Radio Lincs phone call, and 10:30am moved swiftly and no sooner had we got our daughters ready was it time to de-freeze the car, loosen up before going to the starting point for 11:10am.

I didn't know what to expect, I wasn't nervous but there was an electric energy about the moment and an excitement to know what was going to happen. When I arrived at the hotel all was quite, no-one around and I wondered what had happened to everyone. As I got to the hotel the automatic doors opened and … a video camera was the first thing I saw. Stepping forward was a photographer I recognised and he seized the moment, & video camera for an interview before more people arrived.

Shortly after running round corners for action shots, the hotels Assistant Manager came out and I suddenly noticed heads popping up around the car park obviously ready for a run. Before I knew it I was taking my jacket off again for an video interview with a new reporter and being advised they'd be following me on the route. Finding a personal moment was difficult, I seemed to move from audience to audience never quite achieving the space or time to warm up. Time was quickly passing through my fingers like water -although on this day despite the sunny sky it would have frozen soon after slipping through them, the air had a nip to it and steam curled replacing each breath. I'd cooled down considerably as I was having to take my jacket off for each interview so that the 10k-everyday T-shirt was present & visible. I eventually worked my way to a little space & time to gather my head & warm up.

Having determined the running strategy to warm up and cool down in the run, mobility stretching had been the style of the warmup routine. I heard a remark “the ministry of silly warm ups” and I caught the eye of who'd made the remark, smiled and continued to chuckle as I couldn't get rid of a vision of John Cleese 10k with me in the fashion of “the ministry of silly walks”.

Making a quick scan of the crowd at the front of the hotel I became aware that I hadn't seen Lady Sarah McCorquodale and 12noon was not too far away. As if the Road Running Captain read my mind, he spoke quietly saying “Lady Sarah McCorquodale's here, I'm sure you'll recognise who she is – though I know you might not have met.” Intrigued I looked round, casually as you do (!) and suddenly remembered how she had described her Sheriffs Uniform and why Paul had worded his reassurance as he had. With a warm smile, that seemed to heat the hold off the nip in the air, she asked if I were Tim and we greeted. Obviously the press didn't wait long for an interview with her but I was thankful to meet her husband and speak with them briefly before we had to start the challenge.

We all lined up under the arches of the hotel entrance, the horn sounded and then we were away, onlookers cheering and clapping. The run went really well and I enjoyed taking time to view the points which I had chosen for the route, with a light blue sunny sky back drop. We ran 6.5miles, 10k is 6.2miles and my companions kept the pace to the end – leaving me as I slowed into my cool down in the last mile so that at the end, they were lined in a tunnel to celebrate.

Thank you to all those who came to support this challenge today. The interest, friendliness and support of the media and the cheers & encouragement made the start of this challenge special.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2010 brings all you wish for.
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I hope all that read this have a great New Year, that your wishes and challenges come true. Be well, Tim

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  1. What an awesome start! I hope you can draw from this great display of the strength and support on those days when you are on the road alone. Thanks for the re-cap!