Wednesday, 2 December 2009


“You're crazy!” was the phrase that greeted me when I opened my front door to a friend.
He's the photographer from The Grantham Journal, my local newspaper and was at my house for the interview a reporter had booked.

Since calling the papers to see if they were interested in my challenge of running 10k-everyday through 2010, Toby (the photographer) advised me there had been quite a stir about it. He'd personally asked a few Personal Trainers he knew, “Can it be done?” and shared that they said it could, though the risk of cramp & muscle tear being the main concern for injury.

The interview went well, covering all the questions you'd expect but there were a few that I welcomed and took me by surprise.
[1] Am I planning anything like a send off for the first run of the challenge?
Today marked the 5th day since the challenge conception, it was all still very new and to be honest I hadn't thought that far ahead – except I'd be running that day!
I think the reporter warmed to the honesty and suggested the paper would like to do something with me on the first run, but we'd get to that on a follow up interview later in the month.

[2] Would you be happy for a feature every now and then to report on how the challenge is going?
Again I'd hoped to spark some interest and thought I would have to chase the media for something like this, “Yes, that would be brilliant.” I blurted out in reply. “You know if 100 people sponsored you £0.10 for every 10k, would raise £3650?” stated Toby, “or if those that follow you sponsored to the value of a Pub drink in stead of buying you one, you'd achieve your target!” he added. And there it was, with out a heavy brain racking session – this simple illustration identified how a small gesture of a drink could make a big impact.

[3] We could sort out one of our guys to video you, as a feature and we'd be happy to take pictures through the year of you running if you wanted?
Awed and flattered at the generosity being expressed I managed to stumble of another reply of thanks and gratitude.

After the interview I felt energised and inspired, I've got 4 other interviews coming up over the next week – I hope they're as good, supportive and generous.

I'll be copying the media content into the blog and cross linking with them for the features and so on.

I'm using the blog as a detailed note of the challenge & challenges of 10k-everyday. Facebook will be a micro blog area of the day-to-day experience. Send a friend request with 10k-everyday in it and I'll accept.

Be well, Tim

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