Friday, 27 November 2009

The Big Idea...

"I'm going to Run 10K everyday for 2010" I said to my wife whilst we sat on the sofa earlier tonight.
It didn't get the reaction I thought it might, Penny slowly said "Right" then turned her head to look at me. "Why do you want to do that?" she added.

I'd been toying with the idea of doing something personally different, challenging and worth while for some time. Earlier this year one of my friends had invited me to join him cycling from Lands End to John o Groats, I was interested but circumstances weren't going to make it practical; then I heard Eddie Izzard was running 43 marathons in 50 days. Both challenges caught my interest and I followed them but it wasn't what I was looking for. Last week I saw the advert for Robson Green swimming adverture series on ITV and when putting a "grown-up chocloate button" (Cabrury's Caramel Nibbles) in my mouth tonight I thought - I need to lose weight & do something! and the idea of running popped into my head. A second later the defining idea - why not do 10K every day!

I discussed the idea further with Penny and explained I'd need her help. Those of you that know me will be able to guess her response because you'll also know, I love my pillows! and I don't like being cold. This challenge would require me having to get up earlier to squeeze the distance in, being in England early mornings are seldom fresh but damp & ... cold.

So after the laughing and cheeky comments, we started talking about making it happen.

The first run will be 1st January 2010, with a series of blogs on the experience and my journey. We're going to take photos every three weeks of me so the stresses & changes can be logged, as well as making blogs leading up to the start date to generate interest and support for sponsorship.

So, that's it for tonight - more detail will be posted over the coming days.
I hope you take the time to click to follow this challenge, as well as support it by encouraging others to follow or sharing the idea.

Cheers everyone, I'm going to visit my pillows. Tim
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